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Project Description
GeneCMS allows users to generate static HTML based websites by offering an ASP.NET editing front-end that can be run in the local machine. It is targeted at users who own inexpensive hosting plans where static HTML outperform dynamic pages by a significant factor.

Another CMS? Are you kidding?

The reason behind GeneCMS was to allow people to publish high-performance websites easily into inexpensive web hosting accounts (e.g.: $1 per month hosting services). By basing their websites on pure HTML, the pages would be served faster than dynamic pages (e.g.: ASP, PHP, etc). The target websites of GeneCMS are small business websites who just need some pages to display product information and a "contact us" like page.

How does GeneCMS generate websites?

GeneCMS is an application that allows users to specify a path to a template page. Unlike the templates of other CMSs, GeneCMS no special tags, allowing Web artist to play with pure HTML and CSS. Links to assets such as stylesheets, fixed links and javascript files are generated by GeneCMS based on the path to the "base folder" of the current page being generated. In other words, pages three levels down the hierarchy will display correct links to the root's css stylesheet.

Menus are also generated, with entries for each page generated. Multi-level menus are supported, but make sure your HTML template supports them in HTML.

GeneCMS allows the users to place content based on attributes of the tags, for example, the template page may contain a div element with an ID of "content". When editing the page, the user can select that element to place custom content on it. Every time changes are made, GeneCMS generates a preview of the website.

Once editing is done, the user can choose to publish the generated website to an FTP site (to be done) or to a physical path in the server.

Who can most benefit of GeneCMS

Web host companies who would like to offer a great and simple editing tool for their low end costumers. Web hosting companies can setup GeneCMS in a master server and then set it up to publish the users websites to their low end server.

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